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same parameter is used for 5years 5 months,with a capital of 2lac/year on each of following symbols click here to know traded symbols , 6paise brokerage adjusted in above returns. In past 4year 10months MTT system has given an return of 28lac 51thousand net profit.

Trading Rules :         

* You must strictly enter into the calls at the given recommended price (BUY or SELL price)        

* Once Target1 reaches, use trailing STOPLOSS at the comfortable level in order to protect your profit          

* Based on the market condition, exit from Target1 and withdraw portion of your profits        

* Strictly exit from the script, once Target2 reaches          

* Strictly maintain the STOPLOSS          

* Split your money and trade in all our recommendations to average out profit          

* Don't get afraid if it goes below the recommended price. Be patient to reach its targets. STOPLOSS is there to protect your value.          

* Don't take excess position beyond your limit. Be a SMART trader.         

* Don’t expect profit in every trade. Don't trade to cover your loss; otherwise you will end up losing more.         

* Don't follow the Tips from unreliable source; just because of it is available for FREE.          

* Don’t chase behind the script, just because of everyone is chasing behind.          

* We recommend you NOT to trade as soon as market opens. Wait for 10-15 minutes until you identify current market trend.        

* Always trade in the direction of current market trend. If trend is BULLISH, trade on our BUY calls, else trade on our SELL calls.        

​* Listen what your MIND says, rather than HEART. Control your emotion.

Frequently Asked Questions: ​ 

1) Do you provide guarantee for future returns? 

Ans: NO, please Understand that past performance is not indicative of future returns. But you may take our guarantee that the screenshots and results shown above are not manipulated and actually represents the product. 

2) Will you provide FREE Equity,FNO or commodities data with the Money Tree Trading Syatem? 

Ans: NO, we only Provide trading signaling system and are not liable for any problem in the data feeds. If Required , we will definitely help you in finding a reliable data provider , like global data feed....​

3) Do you provide full version of Amibroker ?

Ans: We will provide you a Trial version of Amibroker 5.70 along with money tree signal system.But you can purchase the latest version of Amibroker,Directly from Amibroker official site.​

Disclaimers: All the calls Generated  in this Trading system are based on Technical analysis available at particular point of time. Adequate precautions has been taken to draw the calls, however employees or the technicians of the site will not be responsible for the losses or gains made through the this Trading system,either legally or otherwise. Members are advised to exercise the calls at their own risk. We shall also not responsible for failure of connectivity of internet for any reasons, whatsoever either for failure of the Trading system or otherwise. It is advisable for the viewers to act cautiously and to cross check information from other sources before taking any investment decisions and without assigning any liability to us. Stock Market trading involves risk and this Trading system or website  does not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the materials posted on this website or other sources in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability, profit, or otherwise. This trading system does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any omissions. Trade in stock market is high risk& high return and We do not accept any financial and/or legal responsibility arising the use of the information. ​

What is Money tree  system?

Money tree system is an advanced intraday trading system that uses a precision trading algorithm and multi time-frame approach to provide accurate entry and exit points. Entries and exits are coded in a manner to have an emphasize on longer time frame trends. It has been designed for Amibroker, a leading, widely available charting platform. You can trade all major recommended nifty  stocks,   with the help of this system. Its one of the ultimate buy sell,short & cover trading system on  available in india. Money Tree is the only backtesting highly profitable  afl code.

​How does it work?

​The Money tree trading system  comprises of entry and exit signals with an arrow telling you when to buy and when to sell and a Dot telling you when to exit. Simplicity itself – Blue > buy and Yellow > sell and Stars are exit. Full stop loss and potential targets are displayed on the screen for money management.Over the past 5 years it has proven to be highly profitable, especially when allied to the best , to selected 30-40 stocks. To get good efficiency it is best to follow the instructions closely. Not every trade is a profit, but historically losses have been much smaller than profits in size.Money Tree Trading System has multiplied every single rupee invested by almost 20 - 100 times.


YEAR                         MTMTS ANNUAL RETUTNS                     NET PROFIT EARNED                     AVERAGE TRADING CALLS/DAY                            BACKTEST REPORT

2010                                             328 %                                         3 LACS 28 THOUSANDS                               9CALLS/DAY                                                     DOWNLOAD

2011                                            568 %                                          5 LACS 68 THOUSANDS                              21 CALLS /DAY                                                  DOWNLOAD

2012                                            543 %                                          5LAC 43 THOUSANDS                                 23 CALLS /DAY                                                  DOWNLOAD

2013                                            681 %                                          6LAC 81 THOUSANDS                                 24 CALLS/DAY                                                   DOWNLOAD

2014                                            461 %                                          4LAC 61 THOUSANDS                                 19CALLS/DAY                                                    DOWNLOAD

2015                                            461 %                                          4LAC 61 THOUSANDS                                19CALLS/DAY                                                     DOWNLOAD